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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOVE lies in...

As she passed by me
I saw her beautiful eyes
Love is what I see in her
LOVE lies in her eyes...

When I thought of her elegant smile
My heart swelled as a juvenile
Love is what I think of her
LOVE lies in her smile...

Feeling the warmth of her touch
My soul fills with joy
Love is what I feel in her
LOVE lies in her soul....

I found love in every action of hers
I found love in whatever she does
She is the one whom I love
LOVE lies everywhere in her...

Monday, February 22, 2010

The G and K of my life...

There are times when you feel left alone. No one is there to support you and hug you. You feel as if the whole universe is biased against you and you are fighting it single handedly. But then somebody or someBUDDIES come to help and support you and to instill confidence in you. I am lucky that I have two of this kind.
Day one of my college starts with nothing short of 'THREE IDIOTS'. By now I have faced ragging, attended some classes and labs. But there is something about two IDIOTS living in a corner room of Faculty Guest House who whole heartedly supporting me (because I was new to college). Moreover, they are also lending any possible help that I may require to make up the things I have left (I came in college through final counselling in September). I have no identity in this college, no friends, no jaan pehchan and I am a batch out also. Then also these guys are supporting me through thick and thin of my college life.
One of the idiots is called 'Gautham' and other is called 'Kaustav'. They are the most important part of my life. As the years role by, your friendship is put to test many a times, but at the end this bond only becomes stronger. We study together, play together and do many things which I can't mention in the blog (intelligent people will understand :P :P). We three are evenly placed in matter of pointers and gals. So is it what they call true friendship and bhaigiri.
As I move one in this wonderful journey, life may present many challenges to me and I will exactly know who should I turn to for help. I am honored to be an THIRD IDIOT of this wonderful ecstasy.

Modest Beginning...

I do not have an idea of what to write... I think its better to start with a story*....
The boy's name was Aaroh. I was never so happy to be able to do what I wanted. I felt as if I would conquer the world. I even thought of celebrating it. I was finally going to one of the finest engineering colleges of the country. They call it MANIT but for me it is always NITB. And here I was, in a sprawling campus of more than 650 acres with lot of activity going on. As I entered the college, the main gate stood long and tall only to increase my faith in what I wanted to do. All the pain of over in just a second.
They say that you should always light path for other. Then why they themselves follow others. At school, I was never a topper. Most of the teachers were not so happy with me. I never had many friend, but those I had were too good to leave me. I have never scored more than 85% in my school. But all opined that I am I very intelligent guy. The difference lied in opinion. When all were preparing for 10th board exam I was studying for IIT. At school he was not liked by most of the people. I was considered as a fool as not to run behind the OBVIOUS gold.
But I wanted to look beyond the obvious. I wanted to try to go to unexplored heights. I aimed for unimaginable. I want to try, I wanted to succeed, I wanted something different for me. So I decided that I won't be a part of this rat race but will follow my heart, wherever it may lead to. And so here I was, at the place I want to be in, in a branch I dream of, a destiny I was made for!!!