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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is Parallel Universe really parallel???

   Hi folks!!! I am back and writing again after 8 long months. I didn't know the reason why I stopped writing my blog but who cares??? I am back and writing again.
    Now, I was lying on my bed the other night after watching a film named 'The One' starring Jet Li. As far as the plot of the story is considered, a superhuman criminal named Yu Law, once a member of the "Multiverse Authority" that polices inter-dimensional travel , seeks to hunt down and kill variations of himself in alternate universes. By killing his other selves, (becoming the last version of himself) and absorbing their power, he thinks he will become "The One", a god. Yu Law is briefly captured by MVA agents Rodecker (Delroy Lindo) and Evan Funsch (Jason Statham), only for Yu Law to escape from captivity during the final phase of his sentencing. The last alternate, Gabriel Law, works in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. For two years he has been experiencing increases in strength, speed and mental ability but neither he nor his wife, T.K. Law (Carla Gugino), can understand why. While transporting a prisoner for the Sheriff's Department, Gabriel Law "feels" Yu Law's presence just before he attempts to kill Gabriel Law, and then the whole story of good winning over bad and blah blah blah!!!
   What interested me was this inter dimensional travel of Yu Law (and also the fighting sequences, i just love'em). Parallel universes are separated by just quantum of a second. Let me explain you with simple example. Suppose (y suppose... consider she is!!!) there is this hot chick climbing down in an escalator while you are climbing up and you check her out and suppose again you are climbing up in escalator and the same chick is climbing down but you (being gentleman or gay) decide not to check her out!!! Now this 'quantum' of time/your decision changed it all and created different possibilities where she could be your girlfriend or just another girl. Thus with these possibilities, we can say that two parallel universe are in existence. 
   Einstein said that travelling into past is impossible and this resulted in evolution of theory of parallel universe. Just as I drowned in thoughts of 'Grandfather Paradox', I scratched my head as I got damn confused. I got confused because of 'Grandfather's Paradox'. Now, let me tell about grandfather's paradox in brief. Suppose Santiago (as avid traveler he is), travels back in time and kills his grandfather before he met Santiago's Grandmom. Than obviously Santiago's father won't be born nor he himself. So if he is not born than he actually could not travel back in time to kill his grandfather. I know, it might get confusing for the first time but try to think(and watch plenty of sci-fi movies). This caused birth of theory of parallel universe saying the act of killing his own grandfather created a parallel universe in which Santiago lives!!! Crazy enough but we have not seen the complete picture of it, have we??? Just by killing his grandfather, santiago created a universe to which he now belongs and other which he came from. He just created MASS and ENERGY out of a simple action. Now, you may say he didn't create any universe but just altered the universe. But dudes, then how the hell he is in that universe???? Or after all parallel universe is just in movies and altered universe is the reality????

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two BEST Friends and me...

   There are many experiences in life that can move you and there are things {most of the time they are unknown :(} that can make you do things that seem quite different and and affect the lives of people around you. Here's an incident that I remember and cherish for my life time.
   The story is not a day or week old but it starts about 9 years ago when I was in 7th. I don't have many memories of that time barring few. However, one of them is very evident. There were two girls whom I had always seen together. I didn't know them very well then nor did they know me. We use to study in tuition together (of course boys and girls sat on different benches... :P :P) but those two girls used to come together most of the time, sat on same bench. I have always admired there friendship as i thought they shared their joys and sorrows together and were inseparable. So according to me they were best friends and I admired their friendship.
   Life is never a straight road. There are bends, breakers, bad patches etc etc. Even they faced it too. Both of them were sharp and hard working in studies and they had their respective ambitions in life (well as a matter of fact... they were always at the top and still are... :) :) mera number kab ayega... :P :P ). So, it happens that they take their different directions and start walking. Now, we all are aware of the tensions and frustration that happens during 11th and 12th, so its quite human that you can't maintain contacts with your friends (now I am really unaware whether they were in contact...last i heard was that they were in minimal contact in first year of college and not after that).
   Destiny takes a twist after 12th. Results of one was as expected and that of the other one was a bit unsatisfactory. So the other gal takes a drop and prepare for AIEEE. No wonder that both of them are studying in one of the finest colleges of our country... :) :). But this happiness had a sad part to it also :( :(. Those two friends lost all contact (phone, orkut, chat, facebook etc etc) with each other. So officially it had been two years that they had not spoken nor had any idea of the whereabouts of each other.
   As i said life is not a straight road, but there are lane roads also... :P :)... Thanks to facebook, they come across with a crazy guy (no prizes for answering this.... its me... :P). Well i don't have any major role to play in their friendship nor I have any idea of why they lost contact. As i became a good friend of them I came to know that they were not in contact and since i was an admirer of their friendship, I was a bit sad. Well, I really wanted them to be friends again but didn't have any idea how to do that. So I followed a simple method by giving them each others number when I met them on separate occasions. I thought they would call each other and talk but sadly that didn't happen... :( :( So when I met her I made a point to discuss about the other and then i called the other gal and made both of them talk over phone. Now this may not look so intuitive or daring, but it had an profound impact on me. I saw her expression and those were like AWESOME... I loved it... felt truly happy and content that day (for your info... at that time i was having DELICIOUS chole bhature at her home but didn't ate much after that talk coz i was sooo content). And surprisingly, when they spoke they automatically recognized each others voice... that was cool too... I was sooo happy....
   Well I later came to know that they had spoken over phone later at night and were 'in contact' again. I don't know what life has in store for them but I think I played my role and did it very well!!! :) :) I don't think I would want anything else than being a medium for two bestest of friends to reunite... :) :) :) :) It was a enthralling experience. :) :)
Moral that i learnt....: b a reason of someone's happiness and friendship!!!!
Thank you for patient reading!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

'Face it, India is all about caste'. An article by Swapan Dasgupta

In recent times the world has witnessed a lot of crying over spilt milk. Germany has apologized to the Jews for the Holocaust; Japan has said sorry to the US for Pearl Harbour; the Pope has publicly taken the burden of his errant clergy on himself and bowed his head in shame; the federal government of Australia has apologized to its aborigines for wilfully killing so many of them; Russia has apologized to Poland for Stalin's massacre of its non-Communist leadership in 1939; and 13 years ago, the Queen apologized for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

Compared to these grave wrongs of history, the abuse showered on long-forgotten British civil servants by the cheerleaders of Indian nationalism seems a case of petty theft. For six decades, generations of Indians have been taught to believe that the colonial rulers saw India through the lens of ignorance and prejudice. Sir Valentine Chirol, a distinguished journalist who was prolific on 'Indian problems' epitomized the type of Englishman Indians loved to despise. Writing in 1926, Chirol observed that "Hinduism could not build up a nation because the one vital structure which it did build up was the negation of everything that constitutes a nation."

The "vital structure" that Chirol alluded to was caste. National allegiance, he felt, "was secondary to the loyalty each (Hindu) owed to his caste since his caste was his karma, determining much more than his present life, namely, all his lives still to come."

Chirol mirrored the colonial perception of India as a land obsessed by caste and unable to rise above it. Since the foreign rulers never aimed at being social reformers, they attempted to accommodate this caste obsession in public policy. They documented caste in all its bewildering complexities in the Gazetteers and, most important, attempted to quantify caste allegiances in the Census operations from 1881. As Census Commissioner for the 1911 Census, Sir Herbert Risley went one better. It wasn't enough merely to record the caste preferences of individuals. To make life easier for policy makers, the Census had also to identify "social precedence as recognized by native public opinion." In other words, the administration had to locate a caste in the ritual and social hierarchy and determine which caste was high, intermediate or low.

Risley's attempt to define caste precedence triggered an upsurge in civil society. Caste groups mobilized to redefine their varna status, undertake changes in ritual practices and even press for changes in caste names. India experienced a bizarre ferment with caste leaders pressing for vegetarianism, restrictions on widow remarriage and changes in the rituals governing marriage and mourning. The Census led to a government-induced process of what MN Srinivas was later to call 'Sanskritization' — social changes premised on the belief that Brahmins were role models.

For nationalist historians, Risley was a villain promoting 'false consciousness' and furthering a divide-and-rule approach to undermine national unity. The Census was perceived, not merely as a quantitative exercise, but a divisive game which, in the process, reduced Indian society to a hideous caricature. Even though Mahatma Gandhi felt compelled to accommodate the 'depressed classes' through the Poona Pact, the conventional Congress view was that caste, like religion, was purely a social institution that had no place in public life and political decision-making. There would be some compensatory discrimination in favour of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes but that's where the encroachment of caste would end. In line with this thinking, the first post-Independence Census in 1951 dropped the enumeration of caste altogether.

So strong was this nationalist consensus that when the first Backward Classes Commission was appointed in 1954, reputed Gandhian and anthropologist Nirmal Kumar Bose proclaimed "the desire and will of the Indian nation to do away with the hierarchy of caste…and prepare the ground for full social equality." Indeed, when the Backward Classes Commission identified 2,399 non-SC and non-ST communities as 'backward', the report was fiercely contested by Congress.

In five decades, politics has come full circle.  Last week, the Cabinet deliberated on the wisdom of reviving the enumeration of caste in the Census. There was no unanimity but the government finally conceded that was little point persisting with the old nationalist consensus. Already politicized by democracy, caste has become the basis of the government's elaborate redistributive programmes. Sixty years of experiments with modernity have proved to be mere ripples on the surface; the depths of India's 'vital structure' have been unmoved.

India owes an unqualified apology to the British Raj for suggesting that its officials didn't understand India and, indeed, vilified it. It's our nationalist modernizers who have been defeated by the 'real' India. The future appears to belong to the khap panchayats. Chirol was right and we may as well acknowledge it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Understanding Love!!!!

    Love is the most complex yet most occurring and recurring phenomenon in human lives. I mean you start loving just after you are born. You love your mother, father, siblings etc. But nobody counts it in category of love as its intuitive. It comes from inside as if it has been passed to you by your parents. We take it from granted.
    A person understand love only when he understands friendship.  Friendship is only the key to unlock the mystery of love. Imagine the first day you entered in school and everything looked new and uncertain. You enter your classroom and sat on desk. There is another person sitting next to you having same thoughts as you are having now. You don't know him and he doesn't know you but why it happens so that after 1 week u ask him to eat lunch with you? Gradually, you start sharing food then books then emotions and without realizing that unknown person become a very important part of your life. This is how friendship is!!!
    Again in this case also a person don't realize that he is in love. Love only dawns when you look at the fairer sex. You may be a good friend of her or you may not be but there is something that tickle as soon as you see her. By this time you may be of about 15 years old and you love at least a dozen people but she is the one which makes you realize love.
    People always say that love starts from friendship and ends from friendship. But if love is after all only a friendship then why it is that love is celebrated on Valentine's Day and friendship on Friendship Day. Well, according to me, Love is a very special form of friendship. Well there is subtle difference in love and friendship too. Talking about fairer sex, in friendship, you say 'I have a very good friend who is a girl' whereas in love you say 'I have a girl friend '. Well, the difference is quite obvious now as the feeling is!!!
    In my quest of understanding love, I only understood friendship. And one thing what I understood is without friendship being a soul, no love can last. Because it's not the bond of love that connects two person, its the bond of friendship. And love here signifies to all relations (parents, siblings, friends, girlfriend etc). Love is very difficult to understand. Its only possible when you feel it. Any fool can say he loves based upon a vague idea or feeling but really nobody can love without being a friend. So what they say is right after all, "Love starts from friendship and ends at friendship".

Monday, April 19, 2010

For my Seniors!!!

Once upon a time, there was a wandering bird
He roam and roam in search of a nest
Searching for a long time
He found a big tree sufficient to fill his life with joys...

Once upon a time, there was a blank paper
Crumbled by life and thrown by destiny
Reached into someone's palms by a gust of wind
And he wrote a beautiful poem on it...

Once upon a time, there was a water drop
Immaterial and insufficient for anybody's life to fulfill
Dropped by the leaf of life and falling in winds of time
Was made immortal by a person by a click of a camera...

Once upon a time, there was a boy writing a poem
He wrote about a bird, he wrote about a paper, he wrote about a water drop
He wrote about  a tree, he wrote about someone's palm, he wrote about a person
He then realized, he wrote about him and he wrote about you...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lessons of LIFE!!!!

Hi guys and gals, I have compiled some of the results about human psychology which I have studied from first year in MANIT. I hope you would agree with these results...
Lesson 1: Whenever a girl says 'NEVERMIND' or 'FINE'.... she never means that...
Lesson 2 : If you had a fight with a girl and both of you are angry with each other, she wants you back but its very difficult to befriend her again!!!
Lesson 3: You never flirt with a girl you like(on serious note)... you give her compliments... 
Lesson 4 (Its more about parenting skills): A child bought up in free atmosphere is less likely to betray their parents for their love... Whereas, a girl/boy lie to their parents to hide their relationship thus betraying them when brought up in an orthodox atmosphere...  
Lesson 5: Every relationship starts in a different way... some with friendship... some with misunderstandings... some with meeting and some on chatting... But all of them have same soul in them.. i.e. LOVE and RESPECT!!!
Lesson 6: Insecurity is poison in relationship.... more so when dumb people are involved in it.
Lesson 7: Respect brews Love... It is not possible to love somebody without respecting him/her.
Lesson 8: When a guy/girl is very straight and precise in his/her approach... He/she doesn't LOVE you... But nobody can respect you and your feeling more than he/she does!!!

Lesson 9: The ultimate expression of LOVE is different for a guy and a gal!!!

Lesson 10: More strict the religion is... more r the percentage of ppl breaking it and deforming it...

Lesson 11: You can't make everybody happy... Some r jealous... some r misinformed.... some r obstinate... some want to make you look low... some don't care!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bio digester

       This was my second project, actually third one because I was never able to complete my second project (Charge controller of Ultra caps). I started doing this as an solution for providing lighting to rural village.
We (My whole class) actually went to a village called Neelgarh in Ratapani sanctuary (now a tiger reserve).
       I observed the following things in that village:
1) They had no lighting for evening hours, that is, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
2) Almost all of the villagers were farmers.
3) They had plenty of sunlight.
4) Village was covered by hills from most of the directions so there was a little wind.
5) Biomass was available in abundance.
      We were asked to give a solution for 35 houses in just Rs 50,000. Moreover, the solution should be portable, easy to use, simple cheap etc etc...

      Since biomass was cheaply available we (Me, Gautham, Kaustav) went for it. For that, I (Gautham was in chennai buying gas lamps and Kaustav was in Kolkata collecting data) designed a 'floating type bio digester' in which gas could be produced. The methane gas generated could be then used for lighting of the houses during the night hours. I was helped by Mr Qureshi in fabricating the digester and install in energy Center for further use. I actually made four different designs according to the requirement and the pics you see now are actually the five and the final design. This is one of its kind of design and was being tested on such a small scale for first time in Bhopal (I am not sure whether it was first of it kind in India)
      This idea works on principle of anaerobic digestion. Micro organisms decompose biomass in the digester and produce methane and carbon dioxide. It takes about 15 days to start up the whole process and produce good amount of gas. It is necessary to seperate carbon dioxide from gas mixture or else it would never glow. For that we used a simple test tube filled with solid KOH and passed in the gas. KOH adsorb carbon dioxide and only mixture of combustible gases is left.
      We then filled it in a petra max cylinder and it was ready for use. LIGHT up the rural India with cheap, safe, user friendly product. Our model was judged by industrialist, entrepreneur as well and college faculty. We were award first prize and that was it, the whole story of my second project.