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Monday, March 8, 2010

'I' killed 'Me'

'I' and 'Me' were best of friends
Walking together till the world ends
No possibility of being apart
They thought they were two drawings in an art...

They were willing to stay together till the very end
Wanting to say "I die for you my friend"
Such was the great story
'I' and 'Me' shared a great chemistry...

But dark clouds clouded their merry path
Both of them facing God's wrath
They must have to separated from one another
Or perish is the rubble of their brother...

Time came to say goodbye
Their friends tried them to unify
But it was too late
For 'Me' to wait...

'I' approached 'Me' to bid adieu
"Goodbye my friend for I have to say 'adieu' "
Stabbed a knife in Me's heart
'I' killed 'Me' is story of my HEART!!!