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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rice Husk Gasifier!!!

   From past few days I am posting only senti posts. From today I will be posting techhie stuff on my blog and I am damn excited about it.
   It all started when my brother came to bhopal to appear in Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna(KVPY) Nov 2007, when he was in 11th standard. I also wanted to appear in KVPY and get the prestigious scholarship. So I decided to make a project.
   Rice Husk Gasification is not a new technology. In rural areas, rice husk is used as bio fuel. Total rice husk production in India equals to 20 million tonnes and I thought that if utilized properly, it can solve cooking and electricity problems of rice producing states. Heating value of rice husk is 15 MJ/kg which supports its application as energy source. So I basically concentrated on designing a gasifier which will be most suitable for Indian use.
   I started working on the project from Dec 2007 and was able to complete it by August 2008. I designed a new grating system for a gasifier. It has a fan mounted on a grate and some percentage of air enters below the grate. This is done to control inner atmosphere of the gasifier. Inner pressure of gasifier was made less than outside so that pumping of air is nullified. 
   All concepts used in designing this gasifier are taught to us in 12th standard or below. All I did was to apply kinetic theory of collision and use Law of Energy and Momentum to calculate all the specifications of gasifier like diameter of pipes, heat content of gas etc. I can not display the designs I had made because its under patent procedure and is in press for publishing (USA).
   I know that the info I gave is not sufficient for anybody to understand, but I can't give all the details because of my patent. SORRY!!! If I was able to evoke your interest in some research then I would consider my job done. If you feel to discuss more about this project with me, we can do it in person. Thank you for your patient reading of this post!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


   I am sitting in Indore at my bua's house where I can be at myself. I am very happy to meet my GOOGLE (my elder cousin brother) who has just returned from Richmond, USA. I am forced to work for college project though I want to enjoy with everybody. Past few days had been killing on me and I had only downs and nobody to hold my hand. I am feeling too lonely and I even can't tell anybody about what I feel even to my loving sis.
   Though past week had been one of the worst days to my personal life, God has not been all cruel to me. I received a call of paper from 'International Conference on Advancement of Renewable Energy' on the topic of 'Climate Change'. I have got my first conference call though I have published two papers in reputed international journals and some are in review. I am not boasting about myself and I am not an egomaniac to write it in public and publish it on net. I just can not figure it out why it is happening to me. My aim here is too just mention about my life just being related to my inspiration STEVE JOBS.
   A college dropout established a company in his parents garage and sold computers in 1970's. I had a chance to view a video of his speech delivered at Stanford University. He talked about 'connection of dots' in that speech and also shared his life experiences. I was pretty impressed with that speech and wish to share something here which I felt today.
   I have always believed in omens and give a huge importance to them in my life. Jobs also said the same thing about his life. 1984 Macintosh had beautiful muti-spaced fonts with different size options, a idea of  Jobs himself, but he gave the credit to the calligraphy class he attended back when he was a college student.
   It didn't matter then, but if  he had not attended those classes back then, Macintosh may not be as cool as it  actually was. So if you try to connect the dots forward, it won't, but they seems so easy to connect backwards.
   I think my life is also going in the same way. Maybe a good career profile, a heart-break, a strong urge of entrepreneurship maybe some day lead to my well being. But as of now I am low and down but I certainly hope that this VOID will pass just as other time and I will be back in the business...
   Hope to see that time soon... signing off: Aaroh Kharaya.