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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two BEST Friends and me...

   There are many experiences in life that can move you and there are things {most of the time they are unknown :(} that can make you do things that seem quite different and and affect the lives of people around you. Here's an incident that I remember and cherish for my life time.
   The story is not a day or week old but it starts about 9 years ago when I was in 7th. I don't have many memories of that time barring few. However, one of them is very evident. There were two girls whom I had always seen together. I didn't know them very well then nor did they know me. We use to study in tuition together (of course boys and girls sat on different benches... :P :P) but those two girls used to come together most of the time, sat on same bench. I have always admired there friendship as i thought they shared their joys and sorrows together and were inseparable. So according to me they were best friends and I admired their friendship.
   Life is never a straight road. There are bends, breakers, bad patches etc etc. Even they faced it too. Both of them were sharp and hard working in studies and they had their respective ambitions in life (well as a matter of fact... they were always at the top and still are... :) :) mera number kab ayega... :P :P ). So, it happens that they take their different directions and start walking. Now, we all are aware of the tensions and frustration that happens during 11th and 12th, so its quite human that you can't maintain contacts with your friends (now I am really unaware whether they were in contact...last i heard was that they were in minimal contact in first year of college and not after that).
   Destiny takes a twist after 12th. Results of one was as expected and that of the other one was a bit unsatisfactory. So the other gal takes a drop and prepare for AIEEE. No wonder that both of them are studying in one of the finest colleges of our country... :) :). But this happiness had a sad part to it also :( :(. Those two friends lost all contact (phone, orkut, chat, facebook etc etc) with each other. So officially it had been two years that they had not spoken nor had any idea of the whereabouts of each other.
   As i said life is not a straight road, but there are lane roads also... :P :)... Thanks to facebook, they come across with a crazy guy (no prizes for answering this.... its me... :P). Well i don't have any major role to play in their friendship nor I have any idea of why they lost contact. As i became a good friend of them I came to know that they were not in contact and since i was an admirer of their friendship, I was a bit sad. Well, I really wanted them to be friends again but didn't have any idea how to do that. So I followed a simple method by giving them each others number when I met them on separate occasions. I thought they would call each other and talk but sadly that didn't happen... :( :( So when I met her I made a point to discuss about the other and then i called the other gal and made both of them talk over phone. Now this may not look so intuitive or daring, but it had an profound impact on me. I saw her expression and those were like AWESOME... I loved it... felt truly happy and content that day (for your info... at that time i was having DELICIOUS chole bhature at her home but didn't ate much after that talk coz i was sooo content). And surprisingly, when they spoke they automatically recognized each others voice... that was cool too... I was sooo happy....
   Well I later came to know that they had spoken over phone later at night and were 'in contact' again. I don't know what life has in store for them but I think I played my role and did it very well!!! :) :) I don't think I would want anything else than being a medium for two bestest of friends to reunite... :) :) :) :) It was a enthralling experience. :) :)
Moral that i learnt....: b a reason of someone's happiness and friendship!!!!
Thank you for patient reading!!!