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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lessons of LIFE!!!!

Hi guys and gals, I have compiled some of the results about human psychology which I have studied from first year in MANIT. I hope you would agree with these results...
Lesson 1: Whenever a girl says 'NEVERMIND' or 'FINE'.... she never means that...
Lesson 2 : If you had a fight with a girl and both of you are angry with each other, she wants you back but its very difficult to befriend her again!!!
Lesson 3: You never flirt with a girl you like(on serious note)... you give her compliments... 
Lesson 4 (Its more about parenting skills): A child bought up in free atmosphere is less likely to betray their parents for their love... Whereas, a girl/boy lie to their parents to hide their relationship thus betraying them when brought up in an orthodox atmosphere...  
Lesson 5: Every relationship starts in a different way... some with friendship... some with misunderstandings... some with meeting and some on chatting... But all of them have same soul in them.. i.e. LOVE and RESPECT!!!
Lesson 6: Insecurity is poison in relationship.... more so when dumb people are involved in it.
Lesson 7: Respect brews Love... It is not possible to love somebody without respecting him/her.
Lesson 8: When a guy/girl is very straight and precise in his/her approach... He/she doesn't LOVE you... But nobody can respect you and your feeling more than he/she does!!!

Lesson 9: The ultimate expression of LOVE is different for a guy and a gal!!!

Lesson 10: More strict the religion is... more r the percentage of ppl breaking it and deforming it...

Lesson 11: You can't make everybody happy... Some r jealous... some r misinformed.... some r obstinate... some want to make you look low... some don't care!!


  1. Just five?? The way u were going it seemed like u had five billion ideas not just five :)

  2. I have many... but jaldi kis baat ki hai!!! :)

  3. human psychology k jagah saare grlzz ki psychology batayii...ettaa experiance!!!Wah!

  4. Observations hai yaar aur experience bhi... :D