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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Understanding Love!!!!

    Love is the most complex yet most occurring and recurring phenomenon in human lives. I mean you start loving just after you are born. You love your mother, father, siblings etc. But nobody counts it in category of love as its intuitive. It comes from inside as if it has been passed to you by your parents. We take it from granted.
    A person understand love only when he understands friendship.  Friendship is only the key to unlock the mystery of love. Imagine the first day you entered in school and everything looked new and uncertain. You enter your classroom and sat on desk. There is another person sitting next to you having same thoughts as you are having now. You don't know him and he doesn't know you but why it happens so that after 1 week u ask him to eat lunch with you? Gradually, you start sharing food then books then emotions and without realizing that unknown person become a very important part of your life. This is how friendship is!!!
    Again in this case also a person don't realize that he is in love. Love only dawns when you look at the fairer sex. You may be a good friend of her or you may not be but there is something that tickle as soon as you see her. By this time you may be of about 15 years old and you love at least a dozen people but she is the one which makes you realize love.
    People always say that love starts from friendship and ends from friendship. But if love is after all only a friendship then why it is that love is celebrated on Valentine's Day and friendship on Friendship Day. Well, according to me, Love is a very special form of friendship. Well there is subtle difference in love and friendship too. Talking about fairer sex, in friendship, you say 'I have a very good friend who is a girl' whereas in love you say 'I have a girl friend '. Well, the difference is quite obvious now as the feeling is!!!
    In my quest of understanding love, I only understood friendship. And one thing what I understood is without friendship being a soul, no love can last. Because it's not the bond of love that connects two person, its the bond of friendship. And love here signifies to all relations (parents, siblings, friends, girlfriend etc). Love is very difficult to understand. Its only possible when you feel it. Any fool can say he loves based upon a vague idea or feeling but really nobody can love without being a friend. So what they say is right after all, "Love starts from friendship and ends at friendship".


  1. Nice...good going...i agree with ur viewpoint...

  2. even i too agree....... but is when a person hates still you love them...and the most difficult part is.... you have to disguise your love in the so called "friendship"...without piling on. :D :)

  3. Very nice thought... Thank you very much for ur comment!!! :D :)

  4. nice eg. to explain love is a mother equally a father(who never comes in a limelight),very few people describe love in dis manner..hats off dear!!:)