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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is Parallel Universe really parallel???

   Hi folks!!! I am back and writing again after 8 long months. I didn't know the reason why I stopped writing my blog but who cares??? I am back and writing again.
    Now, I was lying on my bed the other night after watching a film named 'The One' starring Jet Li. As far as the plot of the story is considered, a superhuman criminal named Yu Law, once a member of the "Multiverse Authority" that polices inter-dimensional travel , seeks to hunt down and kill variations of himself in alternate universes. By killing his other selves, (becoming the last version of himself) and absorbing their power, he thinks he will become "The One", a god. Yu Law is briefly captured by MVA agents Rodecker (Delroy Lindo) and Evan Funsch (Jason Statham), only for Yu Law to escape from captivity during the final phase of his sentencing. The last alternate, Gabriel Law, works in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. For two years he has been experiencing increases in strength, speed and mental ability but neither he nor his wife, T.K. Law (Carla Gugino), can understand why. While transporting a prisoner for the Sheriff's Department, Gabriel Law "feels" Yu Law's presence just before he attempts to kill Gabriel Law, and then the whole story of good winning over bad and blah blah blah!!!
   What interested me was this inter dimensional travel of Yu Law (and also the fighting sequences, i just love'em). Parallel universes are separated by just quantum of a second. Let me explain you with simple example. Suppose (y suppose... consider she is!!!) there is this hot chick climbing down in an escalator while you are climbing up and you check her out and suppose again you are climbing up in escalator and the same chick is climbing down but you (being gentleman or gay) decide not to check her out!!! Now this 'quantum' of time/your decision changed it all and created different possibilities where she could be your girlfriend or just another girl. Thus with these possibilities, we can say that two parallel universe are in existence. 
   Einstein said that travelling into past is impossible and this resulted in evolution of theory of parallel universe. Just as I drowned in thoughts of 'Grandfather Paradox', I scratched my head as I got damn confused. I got confused because of 'Grandfather's Paradox'. Now, let me tell about grandfather's paradox in brief. Suppose Santiago (as avid traveler he is), travels back in time and kills his grandfather before he met Santiago's Grandmom. Than obviously Santiago's father won't be born nor he himself. So if he is not born than he actually could not travel back in time to kill his grandfather. I know, it might get confusing for the first time but try to think(and watch plenty of sci-fi movies). This caused birth of theory of parallel universe saying the act of killing his own grandfather created a parallel universe in which Santiago lives!!! Crazy enough but we have not seen the complete picture of it, have we??? Just by killing his grandfather, santiago created a universe to which he now belongs and other which he came from. He just created MASS and ENERGY out of a simple action. Now, you may say he didn't create any universe but just altered the universe. But dudes, then how the hell he is in that universe???? Or after all parallel universe is just in movies and altered universe is the reality????

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